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Property selling guide

Paperwork required to be able to sell your property.......

In order for you us to market your property we will require the following paperwork:
Nota Simple (these are only valid for 3 months so it would need to be a very recent one)
IBI Bill
Electricity Bill (the most recent)
Water Bill (the most recent)
Community Bill (the most recent)
Community Rules and Regulations
Gas Bill (If applicable)
Energy Performance Certificate.
Please ensure that we have our own set of keys if you are not here. Many potential buyers arrive in our office and wish to view immediately, we cannot do this if we have to chase keys.
Preparing your property for sale.
In order to present your home in the best way possible please consider the following guidelines.
1) First impressions count so please keep the exterior of the property clean and tidy. Ensure that the external paintwork is well maintained and that doors are varnished/painted.
2) Gardens should also be well maintained and not overgrown. Clients put a lot of emphasis on outside space as the beautiful weather means they can be outside a lot more so please don’t neglect it when preparing your house for sale.
3) Please ensure that the inside of the house is light and airy. De -clutter and remove excess furniture so the potential buyers can judge the size of the rooms, overcrowded rooms look smaller. Remove excess pictures from the walls too. Please ensure that the internal paintwork is also well maintained.
4) Clients often open drawers and wardrobes to look at the storage space so please ensure that they are not overflowing.
5) Make sure the house smells nice by using air fresheners or candles.
Help us to help you sell your property by presenting it in the best way possible.